Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We survived

We did it, we survived Christmas. We hope you did too..

We were both very anxious to see how things would go with my sister & partner considering with the issues we have been having leading up to Xmas.  We hadn't spoken to them since the heated telephone calls we had the previous week. 

My poor mum has just had a serious operation so she is out of action for a number of weeks, so my Dad has taken carers leave to look after in that time.  So they asked us to come around on Christmas Eve to help Dad prepare some food for Christmas Day.

So this was it, this is when we were to come face to face with my sister & her partner.  How were we going to act? How were they going to act? How were my parents going to act?

When they arrived it was strange. It was like nothing had happened.  It was like the last 2 weeks hadn't happened, it was normal.  It probably helped that her partner had been drinking all afternoon, so he was in a very talkative mood.  The funny thing is that he was fully aware that my Mr W & I were bagging him the week before about their relationship & how he treats my sister.  Most guys wouldn't let that sit right with them & wouldn't be able to help themselves by slipping in suggested remarks, but he just acted like his normal self. Like it didn't happen. We just played right along. Her pregnancy was never mentioned & I didn't ask.

Then on Xmas morning we greeted it other as we would of done in the past. Gave each other a kiss & hug & wish each other a Merry Christmas. 

It was such a relief.   I don't know if they made a conscious effort not to bring up the issues.  I don't give him that much credit. I think he just did what he normal does with any issues that arises, just sweeps it under the carpet.  I don't really care, but in this situation it worked for us.

It was not so good to see the normal issues that we have witnesses in their relationship haven't made and changes yet.  She is still treating him like a 2 year old. Making sure he was eating because he had been drinking.  Negotiting with him about how many smokes he can have and giving in to him and driving him down to the shop to buy more.  Anyway it's their lives and she knew fully what she was getting herself in to. It just cements why we had issues with them bringing a baby into their relationship.   I'm thinking she is hoping/praying that this leopard will changes it spots once he is holding that baby in his arms.  Goodluck to them.

So yes we survived.  After all the anxiety we had a wonderful Christmas with our families.  All over for another year. Just wondering what we are going to do to bring in 2011... This is going to be our year...

Merry Christmas to you & wishing you a safe New Year.  Here is to BFP for everyone..

Bee xxx

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  1. im glad that you survived xmas. I kinda know where your coming from, My Bro in Law is a dick. He treated my sister like crap on xmas day, made her cry and she was talking like she is going to get a divorce, the next day they are happy and I said to her how are things and remember that I am always there and she is making up excuses for him. Blah drives me in sane. I so wish I broke them up the week before she conceived my beautiful Niece who is now 4. I actually had the chance but told her to give him a second chance. Boy was I wrong. My older sister (who is divorced) said to me she can see exactly what she did before her and her hubby split, she made excuses etc. I wish she would leave him and think my niece would be better off with out him. oops sorry for the rant, I cant rant on my blog about it cos my sister reads it.
    Bring on 2011 and the year of all us infertiles breeding like rabbits (year of the rabbit LOL)