Friday, January 14, 2011

Our little Cherubs

We are extremely lucky to have some special little people in our lives. We have been honoured to be godparents to 4 beautiful kids and we have a number of wonderful nieces & nephews which are all a big part of our lives.

But today I just want to blog about 2 of our little friends. They are our little cherubs. They just melt our hearts. For the sake of this post let’s call one Angel & the other Cupid. Angel is 6 years old and is a wise old woman and is very clever, she just makes you laugh with the things that comes out of her mouth. Cupid, her little sister, is 4, she is a little devil, butter wouldn’t melt with her mouth and she is so outgoing and confident. We have been extremely lucky to have hands on involvement with them and we love spending time with these cherubs.

Just the other day I went to the shops with them and we were walking thru the car park. I was holding both of their hands and little Cupid looks up at me and says “ I like you Wee”. (Funny thing she can’t pronounce her B’s so I get called Wee, it is adorable). I just look down at her and I say “I like you too Cupid”. (In that instant you just feel your heart swell).

Or you would be at home and you would get a phone call (you know that they have you on speaker phone) and they say “So when are you coming over to play”. It’s 7.30pm at night and it’s nearly their bedtime, so not tonight. But you just can’t help your heart filling with love at that moment because all they want to do is spend time with you. Before they hang up the phone they also say “Love you, bye”.

Or when they beg to know when they can have a sleepover. When you arrive at their door to pick them up, they are so excited; they fly out the door & are nearly in the car with their pillows with a blink of an eye lid. Saying goodbye to their mum they say “See you in a couple of days mum”. I say with a laugh “A couple of days, that is news to me?”. They then inform me that they just don’t want one sleep over they want two. So it looks like we have them for the weekend. Oh well what a delight.

It breaks our hearts every time my AF arrives; you go thru the same emotions every month. “When will it be our turn?”. “Is it ever going to happen for us”. “Will we ever have a baby”. But the blow is sometimes softened when you have these little cherubs in your lives. They make you feel special and loved. You cherish every little hug, squeeze & kiss you can sneak out of them.

Our bond with Angel & Cupid is extremely precious and I know I rate as their best friend which is such an honour. (they get asked who is their best friend & they say “Wee”, once again the heart swells). We know this special bond is for life and we will be a big part of their future. They know they can always turn to us for anything and we will always be there to offer support, love & guidance just like they were our own.

We know if we aren’t blessed with our very own cherubs we are awfully lucky to have these two along with other little people we have in our lives.

Bee xxx


  1. And one day Angel and Cherub will fuss over your own little Angels... xoxo

  2. I agree with Red Power Ranger. We all will have our own angels. I have my beautiful niece and i think its so cute when she sees me the first thing she does is scream Aunty Fee at the top of her lungs and runs my direction for cuddles.

  3. This made me smile. I never had any of these angels when i was going through IF. As much as i love my friends children dearly, they lived too far from me so i could build a relationship with.