Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 To Do List

At the beginning of every new year we throw around what our New Year Resolutions will be for that year.  Funny enough mine is always – To lose weight; the story of my life.

But this year I’m taking a new approach.  I’m going to have a To Do List.  These are things that I’m determined to accomplish during the year (yeah I know I could be placing added pressure on myself to achieve but anyway it’s time for a change).

So I will review the list every so often to see if I’ve been able to tick R things off my list. (the list isn’t in order)

1.               Get a BFP – I could list this for every number but have to have other things to focus on, so I don’t go looney.

2.               Have my Coeliac biopsy in January

3.               Start gluten free diet straight after biopsy

4.               Eat a balanced gluten free diet to lose weight – 5 kgs by May 2011.

5.               Cut back on my alcohol & caffeine (my only vices in life, oh actually I do still have chocolate but considering No 4, oh buggar)

6.               Relax and have the thoughts “Come what may”.

7.               Exercise at least 5 times a week – Mr W to drag me out of bed each day to do this

8.               Take my multivitamins & disgusting Chinese herbs every day

9.               Book overseas holiday –  R

10.            Go on overseas holiday – should be looking great in my bikini if I have achieved No 4 and if No 1 isn’t achieved. But if No 1 is achieved I do love a bump in a bikini.

11.            Complete my part time study

12.            If No1 isn’t achieved by May contact FS to start next lot of IVF

13.            Start looking for a new job by Sept 2011 if No 10 is done and if No 1 still isn’t achieved.

14.            Wake up everyday with a smile on my face, loving my life & being grateful for what I do have.

15.            Find a positive in every situation. (Hard to do sometimes when all you want to do is slap someone but I’m sure this will only benefit my own self being.)

So here is to me trying to achieve all 15 things on my list by 2012 but secretly hoping that No 1 is achieved sooner than later so I can throw the rest out of the window….

Bee xxx


  1. Great list Bee! Good luck with all of them and I love your attitude. Bring on 2011.

  2. It's great to make plans, gives us the feeling of moving forward, when there is so much waiting in ttc. Cheers to all of your list becoming a reality in 2011!

  3. Fantastic list Bee. A smile on my face through all the crap at work is on my list LOL

  4. That's a decent chunk of stuff! So many of the things on your list are on mine as well - We are going on our first Europe holiday in October!
    What IVF clinic are you going through?