Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't know why I just feel really low and sad.  I woke up yesterday & it just sort of hit me. Off I went to work & thankfully it was busy, so I didn't even notice my own self being like this.  Then Mr W came for a visit during my lunch break & he said to me "Babe what's wrong, you just don't seem yourself"... It's funny when someone knows you so well, sometimes more than your own self and they notice when you are off.   I hadn't even realised that was how I was feeling, until he bought it to my attention. But he was right I wasn't real feeling myself.
I really can't put my finger on it, I don't know
  • if I'm just annoyed at myself for placing so much pressure on myself and just not relaxing about everything; or
  • being disappointed with my fertile friends who all seemed to busy with their  families for Oz Day, to catch up; or
  • just sick of the days ticking by with no results; or
  • was it because after visiting my BIL & SIL & their 3 kids while they were up the beach camping on the weekend, it made me remember that my fondess memories I have as a kid was our camping holidays; and realising we don't have our own kids to start making the same memories; or
  • maybe it's just my body adjusting to my new gluten free diet.

You know what I think it's a combination of everything. Life can be so sh*t sometimes... You just feel lost & not sure which way to turn..I'm sure in a couple of days the dark cloud will lift, it always does.

But in the meantime I have bottle of wine chilled & I'm all ready to polish it off tomorrow for Australia Day, actually buggar it, I might even crack it open tonight.......

Happy Australia Day


  1. Crack it open! Crack it open! Break the seal and pour it down the hatch! Sorry, but I get excited by fellow wine appreciaters. I'm sorry you are feeling lower than shark poo. This crap does take it's toll and it's not only us it affects. Cheers to you and the rest of the IF Aussies on Aus Day! Let's continue to fight as we are known for.... Big hugs and some air cricket 6's... Xo

  2. hope you feel brighter soon. xx

  3. I've given you an award luv, to recognise your support.. Come see my blog xoxo

  4. I know exactly how u feel.. and there is nothing worse than feeling this way and not being able to get out of the rut.. Hope the wine helped :) xoxo

  5. Hope you're feeling ok today luv. How was the wine? I love wone too especially the reds. I would say that it is a combination of all. The diet will definitely put everythig out of whack especially hormonally until it corrects itself. I hope the days ahead get better.

  6. Sorry your feeling down. I hope your feeling better today!