Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gluten Intolerance

After our first meeting with our Naturopath she sent us off to the doctors with a list of things she wanted us to get tested for.  My doctor was a little sceptical however she did it anyway.  As it turns out I have tested postive for a Gluten Intolerance.  Now I'm booked in to see a specialist to have a biopsy done of my lower bowel to see if it is in deed Celiac Disease.

I have done a little of research since I got my results and there seems to be a strong link between Celiac Disease and infertility.  My infertility is "unexplained", so I'm hoping with a Gluten Free diet it might improve my chances.

Our Naturopath has had 2 cases were both women were having problems conceiving and they were tested for Celiac Disease and they both came back postive. After then turning to a Gluten free diet they both conceived in 6 to 8 weeks.  I'm not pinning my hopes that this will happen to us however it does gives us some faith.

The only frustrating thing that I'm dealing with now is that I want to start the Gluten Free diet straight away because we are on the naturopath plan and she said the best thing was to elimate "wheat" from our diet to start seeing the results.  However it's a catch 22 situation, I can't do this until I have the biopsy because then the results will not be accurate. But I will not be having the biopsy for another 8 weeks.  It's just bad timing finding out in the festive season when everyone especially doctors shut down...

So I suppose the good thing is that I can still eat normally over Christmas and enjoy all the normal treats, because once I start the gluten free diet it will be a huge lifestyle adjustment.


Bee xxx

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  1. Hey hon, this happened exactly to a friend of mine (hope i'm not sounding too cliche!)She experienced IF and MC and eventually was diagnosed with Celiac disease which IS linked to infertility. She now has 2 children. It's a catch 22 in that you hope everything is going to be ok but on the other hand to have a diagnosis that may explain your IF. Enjoy the festive seasons food and if you have to go on a gluten free diet then hopefully this will give you your much deserved bfp.